February 25, 2023

Polyamides - GST Rates HSN CODE 3908

Polyamides are a class of polymers that are commonly used in a variety of applications, ranging from textiles to engineering plastics. They are also known as nylon, which is a brand name for a specific type of polyamide. In this article, we will discuss the GST rates and HSN code for polyamides.

Polyamides are classified as a type of plastic under the GST regime. The GST rate for plastics is 18%. Therefore, the GST rate for polyamides is also 18%. This rate is applicable to all types of polyamides, whether they are in the form of raw materials or finished products.The HSN code for polyamides is 3908. This code is used to classify polyamides under the GST regime. It is important to note that the HSN code for polyamides includes all types of polyamides, including nylon.

Polyamides are widely used in the textile industry for manufacturing fabrics, such as nylon stockings, swimwear, and outdoor gear. They are also used in the automotive industry for manufacturing various components, such as engine covers, air intake manifolds, and fuel lines. In addition, polyamides are used in the electronics industry for manufacturing connectors, switches, and other components.

Polyamides are highly durable and resistant to wear and tear, which makes them ideal for use in applications that require high strength and durability. They are also resistant to chemicals and have a high melting point, which makes them suitable for use in high-temperature applications.

In conclusion, the GST rate for polyamides is 18%, and the HSN code for polyamides is 3908. Polyamides are widely used in various industries, such as textiles, automotive, and electronics, due to their high durability and resistance to wear and tear. If you are a small or medium business owner or startup founder operating in any of these industries, it is important to be aware of the GST rates and HSN code for polyamides.


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