June 8, 2023

PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme: Empowering the Youth for Success


The youth of a nation are its most valuable asset. Recognizing this, the Government of India has launched the PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme, an initiative aimed at empowering young individuals by providing them with guidance, mentorship, and support. This scheme acknowledges the immense potential of the youth and seeks to nurture their talents, skills, and aspirations. In this article, we will delve into the details of the PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme, its objectives, benefits, and how it is transforming the lives of the youth. Let's explore this empowering initiative and its impact on the young generation.

Understanding the PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme

The PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme is an ambitious program launched under the leadership of the Prime Minister of India. It focuses on mentoring and guiding the youth to help them realize their full potential and succeed in their chosen fields. The scheme connects young individuals with experienced and successful professionals who can provide valuable insights, advice, and support in their respective areas of interest.

Objectives of the PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme

The PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme has the following key objectives:

1. Guidance and Mentorship: The scheme aims to provide guidance and mentorship to the youth, helping them make informed decisions regarding their education, career, and personal development.

2. Skill Enhancement: The scheme focuses on enhancing the skills of the youth by connecting them with mentors who can provide expertise and guidance in specific domains. This empowers them to acquire relevant skills and knowledge required for their chosen fields.

3. Entrepreneurship Development: The scheme encourages entrepreneurship among the youth by fostering an entrepreneurial mindset and providing mentorship to aspiring entrepreneurs. It aims to create a conducive environment for the youth to start and sustain their own businesses.

4. Networking Opportunities: The scheme facilitates networking opportunities for the youth, allowing them to connect with professionals, experts, and peers in their fields of interest. This networking helps broaden their horizons, build valuable connections, and gain exposure to diverse perspectives.

5. Personal and Professional Growth: The scheme focuses on the overall personal and professional growth of the youth. It aims to instill confidence, resilience, and leadership qualities in them, enabling them to overcome challenges and achieve success in their chosen endeavors.

Benefits of the PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme

The PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme offers several benefits to the youth:

1. Access to Experienced Mentors: The scheme provides the youth with access to experienced mentors who can guide and inspire them. These mentors have achieved success in their respective fields and can share their knowledge, experiences, and best practices.

2. Personalized Guidance: The mentoring provided under the scheme is personalized, catering to the unique needs, interests, and aspirations of each individual. This personalized approach helps in harnessing the full potential of the youth.

3. Career Guidance: The scheme offers career guidance and counseling to help the youth make informed decisions regarding their educational and career paths. It assists them in identifying their strengths, interests, and suitable career options.

4. Skill Development: The scheme focuses on skill development by providing training, workshops, and resources to enhance the technical, entrepreneurial, and soft skills of the youth. This equips them with the necessary competencies for success in their chosen fields.

5. Networking and Exposure: Through the scheme, the youth get opportunities to network with professionals, industry experts, and peers. This exposure helps in building connections, gaining industry insights, and exploring potential collaborations.

6. Motivation and Inspiration: Interacting with successful mentors and peers inspires the youth, motivating them to strive for excellence, set higher goals, and overcome obstacles. The scheme fosters a culture of ambition, resilience, and continuous learning.

How the PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme Works

The PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme operates through a structured process:

1. Registration: Interested individuals can register for the scheme through the designated online portal. The registration process requires providing relevant personal and educational details.

2. Matching with Mentors: Based on the interests, aspirations, and preferences provided during registration, the scheme matches the individuals with suitable mentors from various fields. Careful consideration is given to ensure compatibility and relevance.

3. Mentorship Sessions: Once matched, the individuals are connected with their mentors through various modes, such as online platforms, video calls, or in-person meetings. Mentorship sessions are scheduled at regular intervals to provide ongoing guidance and support.

4. Skill Development Programs: The scheme organizes skill development programs, workshops, seminars, and webinars to enhance the knowledge and capabilities of the youth. These programs cover a wide range of topics and skills relevant to the current job market and entrepreneurial landscape.

5. Monitoring and Evaluation: The progress and impact of the mentoring process are monitored and evaluated regularly. Feedback from both mentors and mentees is collected to ensure the effectiveness of the scheme and make necessary improvements.

The success of the PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme

The PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme has already witnessed numerous success stories. Several young individuals have benefited from the guidance and support provided under the scheme, leading to significant achievements in their respective fields. These success stories serve as inspiration for others, showcasing the transformative power of mentorship and empowerment.


The PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme is a visionary initiative that recognizes the potential of the youth and aims to empower them for success. By providing guidance, mentorship, and skill development opportunities, the scheme nurtures the talents and aspirations of the young generation. It plays a crucial role in shaping their careers, fostering entrepreneurship, and building a strong foundation for personal and professional growth. The PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme is a testament to the government's commitment to creating a supportive ecosystem for the youth and harnessing their potential to drive the nation forward.


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