January 30, 2023

Plywood Manufacturers In India [Top Manufacturers]

With regards to insides, furniture, and framing in the house, one ought to continuously be cautious about the quality and the brand of pressed wood utilized for them. There are different compressed wood makers in India and you ought to realize about them prior to putting resources into them.

Let us now see some top plywood manufacturers in India.

1. Kitply Industries Ltd

Kitply Businesses was begun by Mr. S.P. Goenka and Mr. P.K. Goenka in 1982 in Assam.

They have branches all around the nation and are the main maker of compressed wood in India.

They give quality compressed wood that is made through best-in-class innovation and a prepared labor force.

They have extended their compass to Center East nations, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

2. Century Plyboards India Ltd

Century Plyboards India Ltd. was laid out in 1986 by Mr. Sajjan Bhaijanka and Mr. Sanjay Agarwal.

They turned into the primary compressed wood producer to get the ISO 9002 certificate.

They have extended their business to Singapore and have been a prestigious pressed wood maker in India.

They are a trailblazer in the compressed wood industry and have been instrumental in presenting the most recent patterns on the lookout.

3. Greenply Industries  Ltd

Greenply Industries Ltd was begun by Mr. S.P. Mittal in 1993 and is one of the main pressed wood makers in India.

They are known for assembling the best MDF sheets in the nation, catching around 30% of the absolute MDF piece of the pie.

They have four high-level assembling units in India and with more than 2500 vendors, they sell their items all over India.

The organization delivers low-discharge pressed wood under the name Green Club.

4. National Plywood Industries Ltd

The Public Compressed wood Businesses Ltd was begun in 1973, and before that, they were engaged with assembling tea chests in Assam in 1951.

The organization has cutting-edge fabricating plants that produce different compressed wood items that are accessible all over India through its sellers, wholesalers, channel accomplices, and workplaces.

The area advantage in the North East assists the organization with admittance to unrefined substances from feasible, normal tropical woods.

With clients like IDBI Bank, Association Bank, ICICI Bank, Dena Bank, Fabulous Hyatt, and IIM Ahmedabad, Public Pressed wood is a presumed name among the compressed wood makers in India.

5. SRG Ply & Boards

The SRG (Sumitra Rajkripal Group) Ply & Boards was laid out in 1895 and settled in Delhi.

The SRG bunch highlights the main compressed wood creators in India.

They are perceived for giving excellent compressed wood from Gurjan, teak, and pine woods.

They are ISO-confirmed, and each item is painstakingly created in their high-level assembling plants.


There are several plywood manufacturers in India, however, being familiar with the best ones among them is significant. Along with the knowledge of choosing the right plywood, shoppers ought to be aware of the organizations also.


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