March 21, 2023

National Urban Livelihoods Mission

Intending to uplift the urban poor and economically backward, the ministry of housing and urban poverty alleviation launched the National Urban Livelihoods Mission (NULM) on September 2013, replacing the Swarna Jayanthi Shahari Rozgar Yojanna (SJSRY). Its main aim is towards skill training of the urban poor by helping them be self-employed and attain market-based jobs while facilitating easy access to credit.

National Urban Livelihoods Missions aims at universal coverage of the urban poor for credit facilities and skill development. It also provides social security, skills, institutional credit, and suitable spaces to urban street vendors and also exposes them to the potential of emerging market opportunities. It provides shelter with essential services to the urban homeless in a phased manner.

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Features & Benefits of NULM

Some of the features of benefits of NULM include the following:-

The financial benefits include:-

1. Self-help groups

SHGs belonging to the urban poor will be given bank loans at a rate of interest of 7% p.a. All SHGs belonging to women who repay loans on time will receive an additional 3% p.a. subvention of interest, making the interest rate 4% p.a.

2. For Self-Employment

Bank loans at an interest rate of 7% p.a. will be provided to the urban poor who wish to set up their microenterprises or entrepreneurship ventures. For individuals, bank loans of up to Rs.2 lakh can be availed for individual micro-ventures while for urban groups setting up a group micro-venture, bank loans of up to Rs.10 lakh can be availed

3. Urban Street Vendors

Provides support, credit, and skilling for urban street vendors for the development of their micro-enterprises.

The non-financial benefits include:-

1. Urban Street Vendors

Development of vending zones, vendor markets, and informal market sectors with civic and infrastructure development such as water supply, road paving, solid waste disposal, storage  spaces, and lighting.    

2. Shelter for Urban Homeless

Financial support to Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) and state governments to construct, operate and manage permanent shelters for the urban homeless.

Components of NULM

1. Social Mobilization and Institution Development

This component envisages the social mobilization of the poor in urban areas into Self-Help Groups (SHGs) and federations. These groups act as a support system for the urban poor to meet their social and financial needs

2. Employment through Skills Training and Placement (EST&P)

This component provides training to the urban poor as per the skill demand from the market. The training will help the urban poor obtain secure salaried employment or set up self-employment ventures. There is no educational qualification prescribed to select beneficiaries under EST&P.

3. Capacity Building and Training (CBT)

This component establishes high-quality and timely technical assistance at the State, Centre, and city levels to implement NULM. A National Mission Management Unit will be established at the Centre. A State Mission Management Unit and City Mission Management Unit are set up to support the States and cities.

4. Self-Employment Programme (SEP)

This component focuses on providing financial assistance to urban poor groups or individuals for setting up gainful micro-enterprises or self-employment ventures as per their training, aptitude, skills, and local conditions. The under-employed and unemployed urban poor will be encouraged to set up small enterprises relating to manufacturing, servicing, and petty businesses that have considerable local demand.

5. Scheme of Shelter for Urban Homeless (SUH)

This component provides shelters and other necessary services to the poor segment of urban societies. The shelters provided for the urban homeless are permanent. Provisions are made for permanent community shelters for every one lakh urban population for a minimum of 100 persons.

NULM Eligibility Criteria

The target group for this scheme is the following entities who wish to become entrepreneurs:

1. Homeless individuals

2. Street vendors

3. Urban poor


1. How can I access NULM MIS? What are the things needed for accessing NULM MIS?

For accessing NULM MIS you should have a computer with an Internet connection. NULM MIS can be accessed by typing the URL

2. Which browser should I use to access NULM MIS?

Users can use any browser (like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox) to access this NULM MIS.

3. What is the meaning of “Your Password is blocked!! Please contact the Administrator”?

If the user tried the wrong username/password more than five times. The user account will be inactive. Only their superiors can activate their user account


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