January 30, 2023
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MP Bhulekh – Madhya Pradesh Land Record Portal  

The rise in the advent of technology is widespread among different sectors of the economy, including the government sector. Digital knowledge has become widespread and is accessible on simple devices including mobile phones. MP Bhulekh- Madhya Pradesh land record portal is one such important technological advancement

This technological intervention offers several benefits such as easy recording, transparency, accountability, and even time-saving. Human errors are reduced and so is the manipulation of records. The Madhya Pradesh government is also one such government who have digitized its services. The government has implemented a land recording portal that helps to accommodate all land details in one simple platform.

This article lets us understand more about the Madhya Pradesh Land record portal.

MP Bhulekh

It has now become simple for Madhya Pradesh residents to access details regarding their land or property via the MP Bhulekh website portal. Not only the property owners, buyers, sellers, or any such interested party can easily access the portal and find access to details. It is a new online portal developed for MP land records.

The Madhya Pradesh land record portal is accessible easily via various operating systems including IOS, windows, android, and more. The residents of Madhya Pradesh can check their information through their phone numbers without having to visit the land offices. The MP Bhulekh service portal contains detailed information regarding survey numbers, mutation details, activities on land, crops, tax, owner of the property, Khasra, Khatoni, and more.


Khasra documents show particular land details, and crop information. The Tahsildar issues the legal document. Khasra helps the authorities get map details of villages in Madhya Pradesh

Information of Khasra document  

1. The owner’s name

2. Survey number

3. Area of the land

4. Land revenue

5. Irrigation

6. Crop and soil information

7. Address details


The Khatoni number is the legal number issued to cultivators who own different pieces of land. This land has other Khasra numbers, thus deserving the Khatoni number; users can gain information on every piece of land.

Information of Khatoni document

1. District

2. Village

3. Khata number

4. Khasra number

5. Area of land

6. Owner’s name

7. Father’s name

8. Year of ownership and any changes

How do I log in to the MP Bhulekh portal?

The user must register and login to access the information. The portal allows the user to download the preferred document online. However, there shall be some charges applicable to the services. However, all the documents are legal and approved by the government.

Step-by-step to login to the MP Bhulekh portal

1. Open the MP Bhulekh website page. or select the option- “Register as public user” to start the registration process

2. Proceed and key in the mandatory details. General details and communication details

3. Review the details and click on send OTP. Enter the OTP code and select the register button

4. Now you can log in to access any Bhulekh portal online

5. Enter your login credentials and click public user. Click on the key in the Captcha code and select the login button.

How to download a land map on your device

1. Open the MP Bhulekh portal.

2. Select the “land parcel map” tab on the homepage.

3. Select the “Yes” option for the different questions set on the page. For example, do you want to view the village-wise parcel map? Do you want to take a certified copy of the piece of the map?

4. Choose a district, town, and village.

5. The system will show information on “government land,” “private land,” “unlink land,” and more.

Filing a Complaint on Bhulekh MP Portal

1. On the MP Bhulekh portal, select “grievance.”

2. A new page will show enter the following details:

  • Complaint’s name.
  • Active mobile number and email ID.
  • Application type
  • District and tehsil
  • Village and Khasra number
  • Enter the complaint states.

3. The system will verify the mobile number after filling in the required details. 


1. How to contact MP Bhulekh support?

The user contacts support at 1800-233-6763 or email

2. What is a Mutation?

The mutation is executed after the sale or upon the death of the owner of the property to register the new ownership rights.

3. How can I request a Mutation?

You can visit the IT center and submit a written request for Mutation and the IT center will hand over the acknowledgment receipt. You can also request it through online mode by visiting and if you’re already registered you can select the respective district, R.I. circle, Tehsil, Halka, Khasra number, and village to request the Mutation. You’ll be provided with a Request ID to track the status of the Mutation request.


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