Published on:
February 25, 2023

Live Sheep Goats - GST Rates  HSN Code 104

Live Sheep and Goats are important sources of meat, milk, and other products. If you are a business owner dealing with the live sheep and goats, it is essential to know the GST rates and HSN codes.

GST Rate for Live Sheep and Goats

The GST rate for Live Sheep and Goats is 12%. This rate is applicable to both unprocessed and processed meat. The GST rate for processed meat does not change even if the meat is packed or sold in pieces. However, if the meat is sold in pieces, the rate of tax applicable to each piece will vary depending on the size of the piece.

HSN Code for Live Sheep and Goats

The HSN code for live sheep and goats is 0104. This code is used to classify the live animals under the Harmonized System of Nomenclature (HSN). The HSN code is used to identify the products for which the GST rate is applicable.

Documents Required for Live Sheep and Goats

If you are dealing with live sheep and goats, you need to keep the following documents ready:

  • Invoice
  • Delivery Challan
  • Transport Receipt
  • Insurance Receipt
  • Purchase Order or Sales Order


It is important to know the GST rates and HSN codes for Live Sheep and Goats if you are dealing with them. The GST rate for Live Sheep and Goats is 12%, and the HSN code is 0104. Keeping the required documents handy will help you avoid any inconvenience during the time of filing the returns.


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