December 29, 2022
Reddy Mohith

Jewellery Bill Template: Format & Elements

Why are you wasting your time learning how to create professional invoices for your customers if you are a jeweller with an eye for beauty? You possess your own experience in the area of jewellery design or sales. As a result, when selling beautiful jewellery pieces to customers, you should include jewelry invoice utilization.

There are many beautiful jewellery invoice templates available on the internet in PDF, Excel, Word, Google Sheets, and Google Docs formats to create a jewelry bill format. The instant accessibility of attractive jewellery invoices allows you to save time while making beautiful jewellery pieces.

When you start creating a well-designed invoice format for jewellery, it needs to reflect your image as a jewellery store and an artist. What else can you learn about jewellery bills? Continue reading to learn more about jewellery bills.

Elements of Jewellery Bill Format

Jewellery is valuable to anyone, but especially to women. Every jeweller understands how to meet the customer's needs, whether it is jewellery or a jewelry bill format. Jewellers must ensure that their customers receive the correct bill for the jewellery purchased. However, it may be advantageous if you provide them with an appealing jewellery invoice. You can see some of the quick invoice management steps below:

1. Jewelry invoice templates come in a variety of colors and designs.

2. The free jewellery bill templates are now available in PDF, Google Sheets, Excel, Word, and Google Docs formats.

3. You can attach your brand logo as you see fit.

4. You can provide the name of your jewellery store, including your contact information.

5. You must include your customer's name and contact information.

6. Create a unique invoice number for your bill and enter it into the invoice of your choice.

7. Include the payment dues and the due date.

8. Mention the jewellery products and other services provided with the price for each. You can also customize the bill format to meet the needs of your business.

9. Include a line describing the discounts or coupons when you provide deals to your regular customers or clients on special events.

10. Ensure to provide the total valuation with the relevant tax for the jewellery purchased by the client at the bottom of the bill.

11. You can even include your terms and conditions or appropriate payment methods.

12. To make a good impression, add your line at the end, such as regards, thank you, or enjoy wearing a piece.

13. Finally, you can save a copy of your jewellery bill and email it to your customer or clients.

Making an invoice is critical because it keeps a record and keeps disclosure between the seller and the client. Aside from that, as you can see from the list above, it has a few other advantages. Furthermore, it serves as proof of the customer's purchases. If something happens with the jewellery, the buyer can return the invoice to the seller for repair. And it allows you to calculate the jewellery cost in detail so that the customer is aware of the actual price of the product as well as the tax involved.

GST invoice guide

There is a lot to learn about the GST billing guide for jewellers but let us keep it brief. Recently, there have been numerous interpretations and confusion regarding the taxability of jewellery. Check out the CBEC's tax rates that you should be aware of when creating jewellery invoices, which are listed below:

1. If a customer visits a jewellry store and purchases gold worth Rs. 1,000,000, the GST billed on gold jewellery is 3% of the purchase price. It should mention that this tax rate applies to both gold jewellery and manufacturing services as defined in Section 8 of the CGST Act.

2. When a customer visits a jewellery shop and purchases a gold ornament worth Rs. 1,000,000, the jewellery designer charges for gold and making charges separately, and both are mentioned separately in the invoice, with a tax rate of 3% for gold and 18% for trying to make charges.

3. According to GST regulations, when a customer exchanges old gold jewellery for a new gold ornament worth Rs. 1,00,000, the tax on the old jewelry is deductible. The above two scenarios apply if a new piece of jewellery gets sold in exchange for an old piece of jewellery.

How can Swipe help your jewellery business?

Swipe allows you to create the best jewellery invoices that reflect your profession. Further, there are 41 other features you can access for free on android devices. Some of the Swipe's essential segments are:

1. Generate invoices within 10 seconds.

2. Get paid via a shareable link on social channels.

3. Manage the financial year and GST reports in one application.

4. Explore the vast template collection to pick and customize the templates that fit your needs and others.


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