January 4, 2023
Shreeja Ray

How To Update Errors in Your PAN Card

One of the most important documents in use today is the PAN card. It is required everywhere, including at workplaces, hospitals, institutions, and banks. However, occasionally, inaccurate information, such as a person's name or father's name, is entered. To fix the faults, a lot of work is required. Here are some suggestions for you to follow if the information on your PAN card is incorrect. You can make corrections to the PAN card from the convenience of your home by following these simple steps.

Simple method to fix PAN card mistakes

Step 1: If the PAN card contains an error, Visit

Step 2: Include all the required information there.

Step 3: Select "Changes" or "Correction" in existing PAN Data under the "Application type" column's last entry. then select PAN Card Reprint.

Step 4: Next, you must enter all the necessary information.

Step 5: Next, you must complete a captcha.

Step 6: To verify your identity, you may present your passport, Aadhaar, or other documents.

Step 7: Subsequently, a payment will be required for verification. Your bank reference number and transaction number will then be given to you. Save both of these figures.

Step 8: Your form will open when you save the information, allowing you to make changes there.

Step 9: Click Submit after making the necessary modifications.

Step 10: You will receive your revised PAN card a few days after the modifications have been made.

PAN Card Correction FAQs

Who has the authority to seek updates or corrections to PAN data?

Only people who already own a PAN Card and desire to modify or rectify the information already on file, such as

1. Inaccurate details

2. women's names changing after marriage, or people's names changing for other reasons

3. alteration of the father's name or birthdate

Do I have to pay a fee when I ask for changes to my PAN card information?

Yes, you must pay a processing charge when you request changes to your PAN card details. The processing cost is Rs. 110 for communications within India and Rs. 1020 for those outside of India.

What documents are needed to change the PAN card details?

If you want to request a change to your PAN card's information, you must provide the following papers.

1. copies of current PAN cards or PAN allocation letter

2. Identity documentation include an Aadhaar card, voter photo ID card, driver's license, passport, etc.

3. Proof of address

4. Aadhaar, SSC certificates, birth certificates, and other documents serving as proof of birth date

5. Evidence for the desired changes, if any

What evidence is required to support the desired PAN card changes?

1. Women can submit a marriage certificate, a wedding invitation card, a copy of their husband's passport, a certificate from a gazetted officer, or both in order to alter their last name after marriage.

2. Individuals requesting a name change for another reason may provide a certificate from a gazetted officer or proof of the name change appearing in the official gazette.

3. Individuals may provide the necessary documentation and the right date of birth to change their birthdate.

How can a new PAN card be requested online without any modifications to the information?

In the event that you lose your PAN card, you should request a new one without making any changes to the information on it.

What does "Application verified and is being transferred for processing" mean when it refers to my PAN card rectification status mean?

If the application status reads "Application verified and is being moved for processing," the authorities have verified your application and are now processing it. You can ask the authorities for more details about the application if you have any additional questions.

Are there differences between the PAN card form and the PAN card repair form?

No, the form that applicants need to fill for a new PAN card as well as for correction of existing PAN details are not different. They are the same application that applicants must complete. The document is called Form 49A.


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