January 30, 2023
Swathi v prabhu

How to register your business on just dial?

Listing your business or products on major websites are trendy ways to make sure your business or products reach the radar of important customers. Many such websites exist which serve as a platform for your businesses. You can work on a profit-sharing basis with these types of websites, where your business reaches the target market, and they serve as a platform for some profit-sharing. One such website which does the same is JustDial. Just dial is an Indian internet technology company that provides local services over the phone. This article lets us understand a bit more about Just dial and ways to get your business registered on it.

About Just dial

Justdial is an Indian internet technology company that provides local search for different services in India over the phone, website, and mobile apps. Founded in 1996 by V. S. S. Mani, the company is headquartered in Mumbai, India. Justdial's service is a database of business listings that users can either access by phone or online. The company also operates "Justdial Social", a service that aggregates content from social media websites, TV broadcasts, news, and other sources; and "Search Plus Service", a service that manages online transactions via the web and mobile apps.

It also provides services across multiple platforms, including the internet, phone, wireless, and print. It counts Sequoia Capital, Tiger Global, and SAIF Partners as its investors. Just Dial becomes the first large Indian listed firm with a presence in the product e-commerce business. Another small publicly listed firm is Intrasoft Technologies, which runs 123 stores.

Services offered by Justdial

1. Website – expand your market base by selling products on your very own website.  

2. App – reach out to your tech-savvy customers through a personalized Android app.

3. Justdial – sell your products on Justdial, anything, anytime, anywhere

4. In-store billing – Justdial Omni delivers the most adaptable and advanced billing systems providing end-to-end customer service operations.

4. Other Marketplaces – make shopping easier for your customers by collaborating with e-commerce giants shortly.

Other optional premium services provided by Justdial, which make it one of the most sought-after B2B platforms for all up-and-coming businesses are as follows:-

1. Centralized Inventory management

2. Advanced reports and analytics

3. Easy and quick baling systems

4. Campaign and discount offers

5. Customers' and suppliers' records

6. Inquiries and lead management

7. Calendar and appointment scheduling

8. Website and mobile apps

The Justdial Omni will be plugged in and played as it is a cloud-based solution that can be accessed over the cell phone via a dashboard. The product will allow small businesses to manage their inventory, billing, and third-party logistics. The product will also allow businesses to integrate barcode and QR code systems. As enablers, we always think for our vendors and they would probably lose their market share to online players.

Justdial Omni

Justdial Omni is a premium service which is offered by JustDial group as a business outsourcing tool. This online directory services platform was launched by Justdial Omni in 2016 to help small businesses manage their online and offline sales. It gives you the option to outsource multiple tasks to JD and focus on what is necessary for running your business. You can sell multiple channels from one platform with the help of Justdial.

Steps for Getting Listed On

1. You can either list your business for free or get a paid listing

2. For a free listing, just go to and provide all the necessary details of your business

3. For the paid listing, visit and fill in the details and choose from the different packages provided by them

Listing your business on local classifieds like Justdial are great ways to ensure your business gets more customers and more business by appearing in front of them when they are searching for similar services or products you offer.


1. What is Justdial?                                                                                                                                

Just Dial Limited is a company that provides local search for different services in India over the phone, website, and mobile apps. 

2. What does Justdial do?

It provides local search-related services to users across India through multiple platforms such as websites, mobile websites, Apps (Android, IOS, Windows), over the telephone, and text (SMS).

3. What is the Justdial revenue model?                                                                                              

Justdial works on collecting data and providing information to users through Phone, SMS, and the Internet. The company's revenue model is Premium subscription or listing of classified ads, Analytical reports, and Data selling to buyers. Initially, it used to work as a telephone directory-based model.


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