January 4, 2023
Shreeja Ray

How to register your business on Amazon

One of the top online marketplaces where one may sell and buy goods is Amazon. It is the largest internet retailer in the USA. For the construction and development of Amazon India, the corporation has committed more than 2 billion US dollars. Since its 2013 start, Amazon India has sold millions of items through its platform.

The steps to becoming an Amazon India Partner and how to sell goods on Amazon will be covered in this post.

Why is it advantageous for a business to register with Amazon?

1. Shipping is easy when it comes to Amazon-related services. Shipping is free once your purchases are registered. On the other hand, shipping is possible from one state to another.

2. Amazon is a global e-commerce platform, so you don't need to worry about payment delays. End-to-end financial transactions can be carried out using this kind of registration

3. If you register, you will be able to offer your products to a far wider audience than if you only market them locally. This approach would result in a higher overall revenue output.

4. If you register on Amazon, you won't be assessed a monthly or yearly subscription cost. You would only be required to pay when your goods were sold. A part of the revenue would go to Amazon. This process has a number of advantages for you

The necessary paperwork for Amazon seller registration

1. An applicant's PAN card.

2. Proof of address and details on the goods pickup location

3. Registration requires a cancelled check.

4. Certificate for GST.

5. Mobile and email addresses for the applicant.

6. If the person is not acting alone, they must provide evidence of their company's registration.

7. If a person owns a business, they must present proof of an active, current business bank account.

How to register as a seller on Amazon

1. Visit the Amazon Services Page.

2. Select "Become an Amazon Seller" by navigating to the bottom of the page.

3. After completing the previous step, you must choose the seller account. You have two choices from Amazon: Individual Account and Professional Account.

4. You will be asked for your email address and a password (of your choosing) for your seller account after selecting the seller plan that is best for you.

5. After OTP verification is finished, a seller must select "Create your Amazon Account."

6. Enter your full name, click I agree, and continue after choosing your business type and location.

7. Fill out all the fields with your personal data, then click the Next button at the bottom of the screen.

8. Make a choice of one or more marketplaces.

9. The information pertaining to your credit card will be requested after the aforementioned steps have been finished in order to confirm a user's validity. When you're finished, select Next.

10. Answer the following questions in order to move on to the next step of the Amazon seller registration process:

a. Your Amazon Store's name

b. Information about your product's Universal Product Code (UPC)

c. If you produced and/or branded the item(s) you are selling,

d. information about registering a trademark. After that, select Next.

11. You'll be asked to confirm the business address you gave on the personal information page once you've completed all the other steps in the verification process.

12. If the address given is accurate, pressing the "Confirm" button will bring up a new screen. It claims that a postcard with a verification number will be sent to that address.

13. Once you have the card, enter the code into the box labeled "Enter code below" and select "Next" to finish the verification process. You've been successful in signing up to sell on Amazon.

FAQs on Amazon Registration

1. Do I need a GST number to sell on Amazon?

Yes, you must include GST information if you sell taxable goods online.

2. Does Amazon provide anti-fraud security?

Yes. Amazon can help you stop unauthorized purchases of your products and payment fraud.

3. How long does it take for the payment to be completed after registration is complete?

Following registration, the payment typically takes seven days to arrive. Prior to receiving payment, the customer must purchase the product.

4. Is the rate or selling fee based on the cost of the good?

Yes, the selling price determines the selling fee. Usually, the price of the goods increases as the fee does.


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