February 23, 2023

How to Manage Masters under e-Way Bill System

The e-way bill system is an electronic system for tracking the movement of goods in India. Under this system, the concept of "masters" is used to simplify the process of generating e-way bills.The e-Way Bill portal facilitates an enlisted/enrolled client to keep up with 'Masters'- A record of the multitude of Items, Clients, Providers, and carriers habitually dealt with by the citizen/client. In this article, we cover the accompanying ' My Masters' component accessible on the eWay Bill portal:

Why are Masters required for E- waybill?

1. Masters are required for the e-way bill system in India because they simplify the process of generating e-way bills. E-way bills are mandatory for all inter-state movements of goods worth more than INR 50,000. The e-way bill system is an electronic system that tracks the movement of goods in India.

2. Masters in the e-way bill system provide pre-filled information such as the name, GSTIN number, address, and other details of the consignor, consignee, supplier, and transporter. This information is used to generate e-way bills quickly and easily.

3. By using masters, the process of generating e-way bills becomes more streamlined and efficient. This also reduces the risk of errors or discrepancies during the transportation of goods, as the information is pre-filled and can be easily verified.

4. Additionally, using masters helps to maintain the accuracy and consistency of the information provided in the e-way bills, making it easier for authorities to monitor and verify the movement of goods.

While creating an e-way bill there are not many things to be referenced, for example, Client's subtleties, Transporter Name, Products supplied alongside HSN, Rate, and so on. Entering these subtleties each time you create an e-waybill will be exceptionally drawn-out and tedious work. To keep away from monotonous endeavours over entering similar subtleties, the idea of experts has been presented. Any individual listed on the E-way bill portal can keep up with ace for the accompanying heads:

1. Products

2. Clients/ Customers

3. Suppliers

4. Transporters

Each time the underlying name of the item or client or provider or carrier is placed, the other subtleties are auto-populated. This makes the most common way of creating e-way bills fast and simpler staying away from chances of mistakes. Let’s see the step-by-step process of creating masters:

Product Masters:


Sign in to your account and select the choice of 'My Masters'> 'Products' from the left board


Enter the accompanying subtleties

1. Product Name

2. Estimation Unit of the item for example KGS, LTR

3. Brief Portrayal for example broiled espresso

4. HSN, you may likewise look for the HSN code from the inquiry choice

5. Rate of tax for each kind of assessment for example CGST, SGST, IGST, Cess


Snap-on 'Submit'. The framework will approve the subtleties, any mistake will be displayed on the screen. Right the errors, if any and submit again Beneath is an example of ace detail structure filled for reference.

Clients & Suppliers Masters

1. Select the choice of 'Clients'/'Providers' under the heading of ' My Masters'

2. Select whether the Client/supplier as the case might be is enlisted or unregistered.

For Registered clients/supplier

1. For enrolled citizens select 'GST Registered' and enter the GSTIN of the client

2. Step-by-step instructions to oversee aces under the E-waybill framework

3. Click on 'Submit'

4. The client's name shows up consequently.

5. Step-by-step instructions to oversee aces under the E-waybill framework

6. Select the business environment and distance in KMs from your own business environment

7. Presently Snap-on 'Submit'

8. This message will show up on the effective expansion of subtleties

9. You can see the rundown of all clients here

For Unregistered clients/provider

1. For unregistered individuals select 'Unregistered GST' and

2. Click on 'Submit'

3. Presently, enter the subtleties as displayed in the picture beneath

4. Click on Submit

5. This message will show up on the effective expansion of subtleties

6. The subtleties of the client will be added and a rundown will be shown

Transporters Masters


Select the choice of 'Transporters ' under the heading of 'My Masters’


Enter Transporters Number and snap on 'Submit'


Legal name will be auto-filled at this point


Select the business environment and snap on 'Submit'


The subtleties of the transporter will be added and the rundown will be shown

Steps to Bulk Create Masters

1. Go to the Landing page and snap 'How to use'

2. Select the choice of Tools> 'Bulk Generation Tools'

3. Click on “Master JSON Preparation to Download

4. Fill in the subtleties in the downloaded document and approve it

5. You will have to click on 'Preparation JSON' on each succeeding

6. Select the sheet for which you wish to transfer information

7. Now, upload the JSON file created

8. The rundown will be accessible to see on effective transfer of the JSON document


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