December 29, 2022
Reddy Mohith

How to download a GST certificate from the GST portal without login?

Businesses with an annual income above 20 or 40 lakhs should register under the goods and services tax. All businesses registered under the goods and services tax will receive a GST certificate, a crucial document to print on several occasions. One can issue the same certificate for their new customers,  and in some instances, providing the GST number written on the certificate can work. The only way to get your GST certificate is by visiting GST's official website. The goods services tax network (GSTN) takes responsibility for issuing the GST certificate under the goods and service tax revised act 2017, and you can get it done electronically.  

The GST certificate includes detailed information about your business - the company's legal name, trade name, principal place of the firm, and many others.

How to download a GST certificate without logins?

You cannot download a GST certificate without logging in to the official GST portal. Considering the situations where anybody can download the GST certificate of others with the certificate number, you must log in before downloading the certificate. However, getting a digital copy is simple and easy. Follow the instructions below.

1. Go to the GST official portal at 

2. Provide the login details

3. Click on services

4. Click on the user services

5. Select the view or download certificate option. A screen with the GST-issued certificates in descending order.

6. Click the link under the download option. A new tab gets opened. It allows you to choose to save or open.

7. To download, click on the save option, and you will find your digital GST certificate in your downloads folder.

Registering for a GST certificate is free in India on the GST portal. However, you have to bear the charges if you hire a professional to do it for you.

How to edit the GST certificate details?

Updating your tax certificate is essential over some time to avoid unnecessary interruptions. So, if you want to update the certificate regularly, follow the below procedure.

1. Open the official GST site

2. Click on the login button

3. Enter your password with the required details

4. Go to the services tab

5. Click on the registration

6. Go for an amendment of the registration option

7. Provide and edit the necessary details

8. Verify yourself in the verification box

9. Enter your place in the authorized signatory

10. Sign the registration

11. You will receive a confirmation email and a message on your registered mobile number.

After 15 days of receiving the certificate, you will have a chance to update the provided information. Nevertheless, you have to supply the required valid documents to make changes. If failed to submit the application or the required documents in a specified time, the amendment automatically cancels the request.

So, whatever changes happen in the GST certificate, the bearer will receive an email and a message to their registered details. Within another couple of days or weeks, the taxpayer will receive a new GST certificate with updated information.

Verify the GST certificate registration:

You can download the GST certificate only with the logins. However, to check the registration status of your application or the certificate, follow the following steps:

1. Visit the official website

2. Tap on the search taxpayer tab

3. On a new screen, you can search the certificate status by GSTIN or UIN, by PAN, and by searching composite taxpayer options. (click on these options as applicable to you)

4. Enter the respective details as per the option chosen

5. Once entered the details, click on the search button.

6. GSTIN or UIN status gets displayed on the screen

7. If the registration is active, the system displays active.

How can Swipe help you with a GST certificate?

Swipe is a secure online billing software letting small and large business maintain their financial records. With 41 features, it is one of the leading billing software in India. So, are you tired of logging in and out of the official site every time you need to verify the certificate? If you answer yes, you are not alone because Swipe can solve your issue.

In Swipe, you can download your GST certificate anytime and anywhere. Apart from that, you can even generate GST certificates, invoices, and almost every other financial statement within one login.

FAQs Answered

1. How do you get a GST number?

You get your GST number as soon as your application gets approved. Before that, you should submit your application through the official portal.

2. What is the validity of a GST certificate?

Your GST certificate is valid unless you apply for the cancellation process on the official portal. The government may also cancel it when you do not maintain the proper tax system.

3. Is GST registration free?

Yes, applying for a GST on the official website comes at no cost.


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