Published on:
February 25, 2023

Halogenated Derivatives Hydrocarbons - GST Rates  HSN Code 2903

Halogenated Derivatives Hydrocarbons refer to a group of chemical compounds that contain both hydrogen and halogen atoms. These derivatives are widely used across various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and plastics. Understanding the GST rates and HSN codes for these derivatives is crucial for Indian business owners as it affects their tax compliance and pricing strategies.

GST Rates for Halogenated Derivatives Hydrocarbons

The GST rates for Halogenated Derivatives Hydrocarbons depend on the specific compound and its use. As per the GST Council, Halogenated Derivatives Hydrocarbons fall under the 18% tax slab.

For example, the GST rate for Dichloromethane (HSN code 2903 12 00) is 18%. Similarly, the GST rate for 1,2-Dichloroethane (HSN code 2903 13 00) is also 18%. It is essential to note that the GST rates are subject to change as per the GST Council's updates.

HSN Code for Halogenated Derivatives Hydrocarbons

The HSN code for Halogenated Derivatives Hydrocarbons is '2903'. HSN codes are used to classify goods for taxation purposes, and it is a requirement under GST to mention the HSN code for each product or service.

For instance, the HSN code for Trichloroethylene (CAS Number: 79-01-6) is 2903 19 00. Similarly, the HSN code for Carbon Tetrachloride (CAS Number: 56-23-5) is 2903 13 00.

Record Keeping and Compliance

It is essential to maintain accurate records of all transactions related to Halogenated Derivatives Hydrocarbons, including purchase invoices, sales invoices, and stock details. Business owners must also comply with GST regulations and file GST returns on time to avoid penalties.


In conclusion, Halogenated Derivatives Hydrocarbons are essential chemicals used across various industries in India. Business owners must understand the GST rates and HSN codes for these derivatives to ensure tax compliance and pricing strategies. Keeping accurate records is also crucial to avoid any legal issues.


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