May 3, 2023

GST: New facility to verify document Reference Number

The Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) has issued an advisory regarding the new facility for verifying the document Reference Number mentioned on offline communications issued by State GST authorities.

To enable taxpayers to use automatically generated Reference Numbers (RFN) to confirm documents produced by the GST portal, a new facility is being developed. In addition, a new feature has been added to allow State GST tax officers to produce RFNs for offline communications that taxpayers can validate. The same link will also provide access to a facility for RFN-based document verification of documents generated by the system. 

The GST portal is a platform utilized by taxpayers to access a variety of documents, including notices and orders, that are necessary for compliance with the tax system. These documents can be identified by a unique identifier, either a DIN (Document Identification Number) or RFN (Reference Number), assigned by the system. While these documents are traceable on the taxpayer's dashboard, a new feature that allows verification of these documents through auto-generated RFNs is currently being developed and will be available soon.

Furthermore, to improve the transparency and security of the system, the State Tax office has provided a new feature for Reference Number (RFN) generation and verification. This feature allows the State Tax office to generate an RFN for physically generated correspondence sent to the taxpayer, which can be validated by the taxpayer both before and after logging in. Once the facility to verify RFNs of system-generated documents is deployed, it will be available seamlessly using the same link.

To verify an RFN mentioned on offline communications sent by State GST officers, taxpayers can navigate to the Verify RFN option under Services > User Services. By providing the RFN to be verified, the taxpayer can confirm if the RFN matches an offline communication generated by the State GST officer. It is important to note that limited details will be provided for verification pre-login, while greater details will be available when the taxpayer logs in and verifies the RFN mentioned on an offline communication issued to them.


It is important to note that this facility is only for offline correspondence issued by State GST authorities. For documents issued by Central GST officers, the CBIC DIN facility should be used to ensure compliance with the tax system. Overall, these features aim to improve the accessibility and transparency of the GST portal while ensuring compliance with the tax system.


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