February 9, 2023
Shreeja Ray

GST on Gold: Guide For 2023

This page goes into great detail regarding GST on gold in various forms. VAT, service tax, excise duty, and a number of other domestic indirect taxes were combined into the GST. Under GST, a tax on the costs associated with creating gold jewelry was implemented. On the other hand, basic customs duty and the imposition of IGST are still being collected on the import of gold from other nations.

GST rates for buying gold and producing gold

Selling gold jewellery or ornaments to the general public is considered a composite supply of goods and services under Section 8 of the CGST Act. Making charges or adding value is done in relation to job work, and the gold utilized is regarded as a good. The GST rate of 3% instead of 5% shall be applied to the total value of jewelry, whether or not making charges are listed separately, as the sale of gold is the primary supplier. In its sectoral FAQs on the GST on gold, including the GST on gold rate, the CBIC has made this clear.

Businesses engaged in gold distribution and mining are subject to the same GST registration threshold limits as regular taxpayers. Additionally, companies who sell gold have access to the composition system provided for in Section 10 of the CGST Act.

When making jewellery out of the gold bars or gold biscuits they provide, many gold merchants, sellers, and jewelers hire the services of goldsmiths and specialists. It is regarded as a service supply. The making charges that the goldsmiths will be paid for their services will be subject to a 5% GST. The gold merchant or jeweller is required to pay GST at 5% on a reverse charge basis if these goldsmiths or specialists are not registered under GST.

GST Exemptions for Gold

1. On December 22, 2018, the 31st GST Council meeting declared a GST exemption.

2. As a result, the notified agency does not charge GST for the supply of gold it makes to exporters of gold jewelry who have registered for GST.

3. The decision has reduced the GST burden on Indian companies exporting gold jewelry and presumably increased the competitiveness of Indian gold exports on the global market.

4. Domestic gold jewelry buyers are unaffected, though.

Rules for gold and its forms in E-Way bills

1. Prior to September 13, 2022, according to CGST Rule 138(14), an e-way bill was not necessary when shipping gold in any form, including jewelry, goldsmith's crafts, and articles (Chapter 71). Therefore, gold could be transported without an e-way bill regardless of whether the seller or recipient is registered under GST.

2. The NIC has established a separate window for creating e-way bills for carrying gold, gold jewelry, or precious stones as of September 13, 2022, per the announcements made by the relevant states.

FAQs about GST on gold

1. What is the gold GST rate?

Gold is subject to a lower GST rate than the majority of other commodities and services. In India, the GST rate for gold or the GST rate for gold coins is 3%. Depending on whether the sale is intrastate or interstate, this rate is applied as either the sum of the 1.5% CGST and SGST or merely the 3% IGST rate. Furthermore, the total rate of GST applied to the price of the gold that jewelers charge for manufacturing is 5%.

2. How much GST is there on fine gold?

The making charges are subject to a 5% tax whereas the GST on hallmark gold is 3%.

3. How much is the gold bar's GST?

GST is charged at a rate of 3% on gold bars.

4. Can individual claim GST on gold?

A person who imports gold for the purpose of selling gold jewelry may be required to pay 3% IGST. He may claim the GST on the imported gold. However, those who do not work in the gold industry are not eligible for a tax credit.

5. Is E-way Bill required for gold transportation?

E-way bills are not required to be generated up until the CBIC notifies the withdrawal of the exemption in Chapter 71 on gold. However, NIC has modified the technology to produce an e-way bill for the movement of gold through a separate window.

6. What is the GST rate for gold production costs?

Jewellers must add 5% GST to all of their costs associated with producing gold, calculated on the purchase price.


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