February 20, 2023

Complete List of Items and Services exempted under GST

Goods and Services Tax (GST) was implemented in India on July 1, 2017. GST is an indirect tax that has replaced multiple taxes levied by the central and state governments. The GST council, which is the apex decision-making body for GST, has exempted several items and services from GST. In this article, we will provide you with a complete list of items and services exempted under GST.

What is GST Exemption?

GST exemption refers to the non-application of GST on the supply of goods and services. The GST council has exempted several goods and services from the purview of GST. These exemptions are provided to promote certain industries or to provide relief to certain sections of society.

Complete List of Items and Services Exempted under GST

Here is a complete list of the items and services that are exempted from GST:

1. Fruits and vegetables, unprocessed

2. Meat, fish, and chicken, unprocessed

3. Eggs, unprocessed

4. Milk, unprocessed

5. Curds and lassi, unprocessed

6. Natural honey, unprocessed

7. Unbranded atta (flour), maida, besan, and dal

8. Unbranded paneer and unbranded fresh milk

9. Books, newspapers, and periodicals

10. Vegetable oils, including mustard oil, coconut oil, and groundnut oil

11. Organic manure

12. Unprocessed salt

13. Paper, paperboard, and newsprint

14. Charitable activities undertaken by religious trusts

15. Services provided by a veterinary clinic

16. Services provided by an anganwadi

17. Services provided by the Indian Red Cross Society

18. Nursing care and services for the elderly

19. Services provided by the Armed Forces

These items and services are exempted from GST and do not attract any tax.


This article provides a complete list of items and services exempted from GST. It is important for business owners, service providers, and consumers to be aware of these exemptions to avoid any confusion or errors while filing their taxes.


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