April 25, 2023

Grocery Stores in Kanpur [2023]: Complete List

Grocery stores are a vital part of developing societies as they cater to all the essential household requirements. Despite a boom in online shopping, people rely on nearby kirana stores for quick access to various products. Since farming and cultivation are among the most important industries in our country, starting a grocery marketplace is a profitable venture. This is the reason we can find numerous such stores in various cities. In this article, we will check out various grocery stores in Kanpur.

Marketplaces with grocery stores form the center of any community, as they are the main source of occupation, sustenance, and income for many people. They are the driving factors in our economy and do not get affected when there are highs or lows in the financial situation of the country. Let us further understand the different grocery stores in Kanpur in this article.

What things do businessmen need to keep in mind before starting their grocery stores in Kanpur or any other city?

Here are some general points to include in your checklist while starting a grocery store:

Getting GST registration for the store

Those having less than 20 lakhs annual turnover need to complete GST registration for their grocery stores. This will provide them with a 15-digit GST number. Businesses do not prefer non-GST firms as there may be a lack of all transactions being documented, which can result in a violation of tax rules.

Completing legal formalities

Get the food license, complete the registration for the shop and establishment, and also all other related formalities. The license authority office needs to be visited to finish these legal requirements and to obtain the store license for setting up your grocery store.

Choosing a location

The store location is an important factor when it comes to getting a good number of customers every day. A busy market complex in the town center with good footfall is an ideal location for setting up your grocery shop.

Working on the aesthetic appeal of your store

Customers are typically attracted to stores that look aesthetically pleasing, rather than untidy ones. So make sure that the grocery items are stacked neatly, and there is enough lighting in the store, so the price tags and other information on products are visible.

Try to source products that customers usually look for

When customers get the products they are looking for, they would be keen to revisit the store. So it is better to understand customers’ needs and buying patterns in and around your location.

Study the competition in your locality

Check if there are similar grocery stores in your location, as they can offer tough competition to your business. In case there are some, try to check the reviews of the customers regarding their services and accordingly try to make improvements to attract maximum consumers.

Network with good vendors and hire staff for sales

This can balance your inventory perfectly, such as returning unused packed inventory, when not sold. Similarly, sales staff needs to be hired based on the store size and needs. There has to be enough staff to efficiently handle customers and vendors. They should be motivated and well-trained for better performance.


This is needed to get maximum customers to your store. Advertising through banners, flyers, ads in newspapers, hoardings, and pamphlets. Word-of-mouth publicity can help more people know about your shop. Further, the quality of services experienced by customers can turn them into loyal, satisfied consumers, who can bring in even more people through positive references.

Set the right product price

Right product prices affect the grocery store's revenue and profit margin. It is always recommended never to offer very low prices as there may be a need for purchasing high inventory upfront. Rather than lowering prices, focus on good service and convenience for better outcomes.

Keep the option of an online store open

Besides the physical grocery store, an option to buy products online can be helpful as it can attract tech-savvy groups who prefer the online shopping mode. For this, you need to have a website with online payment options to take orders online and deliver the goods to the doorstep of customers. If you have a smaller business, you can even try to get listed with the bigger stores to open online shopping options for your consumers.

Grocery Stores in Kanpur

Grocery Stores in Kanpur

List of Grocery Stores in Kanpur

Store Name Address Contact No.
Supermarket 24x7 Gopala Chamber, 201, PPN Market, Parade, Mall Rd, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208001 07275010662
Grofers Market Chandrika, 86/326 Dev Nagar, Chandraka Devi Rd, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208003 09889885247
Super Grocery F7FM+R54, M Block, Kakadeo, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208019 08604601186
Varsha Galaxy Super Mart 117/Q/527, near Singh bhojnalay, Sharda Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208025 07068466653
ABC Bazaar 88/118A, Ward No. 78, behind Prashant Nursing Home, Premnagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208001 07619898000


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