March 21, 2023

How can you Generate, Modify or Delete Eway Bill using SMS?

The web-based capability can be used by someone who needs to generate several e-way bills. Users can utilise the SMS feature to generate eway invoices if they only want to create one or if they don't have access to the internet. Many large businesses also benefit from the EWB's SMS function in times of emergency or pressing need. So if you want to operate the Eway bill through SMS then here is a complete guide.

Registering the mobile numbers

When you are willing to operate through the mobile number and SMS, the very first step is that you register your mobile number by the following steps.

1. Go to the e-waybill gateway, On the dashboard's left side, click "Registration" and choose "For SMS" from the drop-down menu.

2. Part of the registration cellphone number for the GSTIN is shown. Then, select "Send OTP." Click "Verify OTP" after entering the generated OTP.

3. Only phone numbers that have accounts on the internet are eligible to register for the SMS service. One GSTIN can have a maximal of two phone numbers recorded against it. for a single cell phone number against several user IDs.

4. You must choose the expected user ID/username and click "Submit" if your mobile number has been used to generate more than one user ID.

Overview of operating the Eway-Bill through SMS

For using the SMS feature for e-way bills, there have been specific SMS codes available. The details for each SMS code are provided at the proper location below. The provider or transporter must make sure that accurate information is delivered because they rely on this facility. EWBT stands for E-way Bill Generate Request for Transporters, for example, while EWBG stands for E-way Bill Generate Request for Suppliers. EWBC is for E-Way Bill Cancellation, while EWBV indicates E-Way Bill Vehicle update. So, use the codes with caution.

Suppliers or transporters using this function must ensure that accurate information is typed in to prevent any mistakes. For instance, the codes EWBG/EWBT stand for Eway Bill Generator Request for vendors and transporters, respectively; EWBV stands for Eway Bill Vehicle Update Request; and EWBC stands for Eway Bill Cancel Request.

Send a text message to 7738299899 by typing the message (code input info). Enter the appropriate code, such as "Generation" or "Cancellation," and/or type the input next to each code, leaving a single space, while you wait for validation to occur. Verify, then go forward.

The automation system will verify the bill after receiving the SMS before executing the request. The system notifies the registered cellphone number of an infraction if the verifications are unsuccessful. An e-way bill can only be declared void by the person who created it.

Additionally, the taxpayer must exercise extreme caution while transacting by SMS mode since the SMS must adhere to the required format even without input errors. The generation of an inaccurate e-way bill could result from inaccurate entering data or format.

The usage of SMS Eway billing system

When an emergency arises, such as a vehicle breakdown at midnight, the need to check an E-Way Bill's authenticity, or other E-Way Bill requirements, SMS E-Way Bill creation is useful. This post will go over how to use the SMS capability to apply for and create an e-Way Bill.

Additionally, "tracking number" is another name for the waybill number. Every tracking number typically consists of various letter and alphanumeric characters. Another template that aids in managing E way bills is the connections between the different tracking number documents.

The GST e-way bill is a compliance tool that requires the supplier initiating the movement of the goods to upload the pertinent data via a digital platform prior to the start of the movement of the goods while adhering to all e-way bill guidelines and conditions in order to generate the e-way bill mostly on GST portal. Transporters are required to keep an e-way bill under GST if the value of the shipment exceeds Rs. 50,000, which largely relates to interstate transfers.

So, you can easily register your number on the GST portal for the SMS facilities of the billing system. You just have to be sure about entering the correct codes and details in the SMS that you are sending.


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