January 16, 2023
Reddy Mohith

Everything You Need to Know About E-Challan

The highway patrol system has circumvented the shortcomings of the traditional manual methods. Thanks to technological advancements. The manual legislation of India's traffic system had several drawbacks.

The high number of road accidents caused by violations of traffic rules put many people's lives in danger. The manual and traditional methods led people to use bribery to help violators avoid punishment. Additionally, the increase in traffic made manual traffic regulation more difficult. 

However, the emergence of the e-challan system ensures more efficient tracking of violations and public adherence to traffic laws. The road discipline that has resulted from the e-challan system was never been there before.

What is an e-challan?

The highway patrol authorities issue a written official notice to the offender of traffic rules under the challan system. The challan informs the person that the person must pay a fine for violating traffic laws. Under the Motor Vehicles Rules, 1988, traffic officers have the right to issue challans to anyone breaking traffic laws.

With the advancement of digitization, challans are now issued digitally through the electronic challan system. The government launched the project in pilot phases in 2012. It contributes to everyone's safety. The e-challan system for traffic police is a software program that incorporates an Android app and an interface. The system integrates with the Vahan and Sarathi apps, which involve several Traffic Enforcement System functions.

The e-challan India has been tailored specifically for the following stakeholders:

1. Traffic officers

2. Citizens 

3. Regional Transport Office or RTO 

4. State Transport Office or STO 

5. NIC admin

6. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

Violations that may result in an e-challan in India include:

1. Red-light running

2. Driving at speeds that exceed the posted limit

3. Driving an unlicensed vehicle

4. Driving under the influence

5. Driving while not in possession of a valid driver's license

6. Driving without the required insurance

7. When asked by the traffic cops, you do not share your information.

8. Failure to stop a vehicle when requested by traffic officers

9. Failure to use seatbelts or helmets

10. Not having the proper vehicle documentation.

How does e-challan work?

CCTV cameras are installed to record and monitor traffic footage. If anyone is found guilty of violating a traffic law, the patrol officers will evaluate the CCTV footage and document it in their logs. The RTO office will also demand your name, complete address, contact information, and vehicle information.

You will get a text message about the error and the cost you must pay. Traffic officers will have swiping devices that they can use to generate and print vehicle e-challans for driving offences. Because the fine is usually collected immediately, this digital challan system simplifies the payment process.

Benefits of e-challan

The e-challan system has several advantages, which are listed below:

1. The e-challan system provides an efficient and effortless traffic management system that results in better traffic behavior and road safety.

2. The integrated e-challan program guarantees data transparency and reliability. The digitization at each stage aids in analyzing various traffic violations, the number of challans and payments, and so on.

3. Corruption and other shady dealings are involved in traffic rule violations. The challan system is more transparent now that it is fully digitized. It has aided in the reduction of corruption and revenue loss.

4. The system enables citizens to pay the challan at any time and from any location, saving time and effort.

5. Paper has been phased out in favor of e-challans.

E-challan status

The following is the procedure for checking the status of the e-challan:

1. First, go to

2. Select the 'Check Challan Status' option. The option is accessible via the Check Online Services tab.

3. Enter the challan, vehicle, or DL number on the following page. 

4. Next, fill out the captcha.

5. Select 'Get Detail' to view the challan's status.

How to pay for the e-challan on the official website?

The following is the payment procedure on Parivahan's official website:

1. Visit for the first step.

2. Type in the challan, vehicle, or DL number.

3. Next, fill out the captcha.

4. Select 'Get Detail' to view the challan's status.

5. The following page contains the details of the e-challan, and you can perform the payment here. 

6. To complete the process, select a payment method. Net banking, a debit card, and a credit card are all options for paying the e-challan online.

7. After making the payment, you will receive an SMS on the registered mobile number.


What are the various types of challan?

There are two types of challan - E-Challan and On-Site Challan

Is there any way to cancel the challan?

Yes, you can cancel the incorrectly generated challan.

What is the primary function of a challan?

If you violate any traffic laws, you will be issued a challan. If you have received a challan, you must pay a fine.

Is there a way to view the e-challan online?

Yes, you can view the e-challan online. (follow the procedure mentioned above)

What happens if you do not pay the e-challan in full?

If the challan is not paid on time, you will have to pay the fines in court.


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