December 30, 2022
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Different types of ITNS challan


We are currently in the age of technology, where everything is digitalized. With this digitalization, we have moved forward from the earlier days of tax-paying, which used to be quite a hassle. Earlier, individuals or companies would have to pay taxes in their respective banks, which would be later collected by the income tax department. This method was considered quite difficult and bothersome as people or companies would pay the incorrect amount of tax. Due to this, the government would always suffer.

  The government after struggling for many years, decided to have a technological intervention wherein they introduced the concept of an online tax accounting system or OTLAS in the year 2004. With the involvement of technology, there were fewer human interventions, fewer errors, and easy payment of taxes.

This online system of paying taxes provides a single challan that helps taxpayers to track the status of taxes filed online.

Types of challan

There are 3 different types of ITSN challan provided by the government. Let us understand a bit more about the different types:

Challan ITNS 280

Challan 280 is one way to pay your advance tax, regular assessment tax, self-assessment tax, additional charges, etc. online.

Steps to pay income tax online using Challan 280

1. Visit the official website of NSDL at www.tin-nsdl.comOn the main page, click on the “services” tab to get a drop-down list

2. Select the “e-payment: pay taxes online” options from the drop-down menu

3. You will be directed toward the “e-payment of taxes” page. You can also go to the “Pay taxes online” present on the right side of the main page of the website and choose “click to pay taxes online” directly on the “e-payment of taxes” page

4. Choose “challan no./ITNS 280” from the options and click on proceed

5. On the next page, you have to fill in the required details in the challan, such as PAN, applicable tax, assessment year, and so on

6. Select the “(0021) Income Tax (Other than Companies)” option for paying income tax. The other option “(0020) Corporation Tax (Companies)” will apply to companies for paying corporation tax.

7. Select the type of payment from a given set of options- (100) Advance Tax, (102) Surtax, (106) Tax on Distributed Profit, (107) Tax on Distributed Income., (300) Self-Assessment Tax, and (400) Tax on Regular Assessment.

8. Then choose the method of payment- it can be through “Net banking” or through “Debit card”. Once you select the correct option, click the bank name from the drop-down menu

9. Next, enter your PAN details and relevant assessment year from the drop-down box.

10. Then, you are required to fill required details such as an address, district, state, pin code, email ID, and phone number

11. Then enter the Captcha code appearing on the screen provided

12. Click on the proceed option appearing on the “e-payment page” where you can make the payment of income tax that you are liable for.

Challan ITNS 281

  This challan is used for payment of tax deducted at source. TDS is the tax amount that is deducted by the responsible deductor and paid on behalf of the assessee to the tax department. This procedure can be made online.

Steps for making TDS payment online

1. Visit the official website of Select services, then e-payment. On the main page, click on “Click to pay taxes online”

2. From the applicable list of challan available, click on challan no./ITNS.281 option and proceed

3. Then you will be directed to a separate page where you will have to fill in the rest of the details

4. When the user is directed to a new webpage, fill in the details about tax applicability, the tax deduction account number, the assessment year, the pin code and state, the mode of payment, and the type of payment, all are required to be filled up. Once everything is filled, the user will have to fill in the captcha code and click on the “proceed” button

5. After the submission of the form, TAN will be verified. On successful verification, the taxpayer’s full name will be prompted on the full screen

6. After the user confirms the data, he/she will be directed to the net banking page of the website

7. The user will be required to log in to his/her internet banking profile and make payment of TDS

8. After the payment, a counterfoil challan will be displayed on the screen. This shall contain the corporate identity number and details about payment and the name of the bank through which the payment was made, which can be saved for future reference.

Challan ITNS 282

Challan ITNS 282 is not a very popular form as compared to the other two. This form is filled to deposit gift tax, estate duty, expenditure tax, and other miscellaneous taxes. For different sections, you will have to fill in different codes respectively. This challan form is similar to another challan form, which can be filled out easily through the income tax department’s website. Any taxpayer must have net banking registered with any bank to register it.


1. What do I have to do if I have problems making income tax payments online?

In case you have any issues on the NSDL website when entering non-financial information, you will have to get in touch with the call center at 1800-222-080.

2. What are the ways through which we can make income tax payments online?

Income tax payments can be made either online or offline. To pay income tax online, you will have to visit the TIN NSDL website. To pay income tax online, you will have to deposit it into a designated bank branch through demand draft, cheque, or cash.

3. How do I check my challan 280 status online?

You will have to enter details like Challan Identification Number, challan serial number, challan tender date, and the bank's BSR code to track your challan's status online. In case you enter the tax amount you have paid, you can also get to know if you have entered the correct amount or not.


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