April 25, 2023

CSC Digital Seva Portal

Many people in our nation are unable to apply on their own for the various government programs. The government has established Digital Seva Kendra in order to help all of those people. We'll give you all the information you need about CSC Digital Seva Kendra in this article, including what it is, what it does, how to apply, what qualifications you need, and other details. So, if you want to learn everything there is to know about the CSC Digital Center, we urge you to read this article all the way through. 

Common service centers, also known as Jan Seva Kendras, are the full name of this type of facility. Citizens can apply for a variety of government documents through the CSC digital Seva Kendra, and through this center, citizens can also apply for a variety of central or state government schemes. Any country resident is permitted to establish their own CSC Center. The citizens must register as village-level business owners in order to open this Seva Kendra. The applicant must be at least 18 years old to apply for the CSC Digital Seva Kendra. 

Any citizen can now apply for a CSC Digital Seva Kendra from the comfort of their home thanks to online application processes. All they have to do is go to the official website. This online system will streamline operations, save time and money, and increase system transparency. 

VLE Center at CSC

The village-level businessperson launches CSC digital Seva Kendra, which provides customers with a range of government and non-government services through its outlets. The VLE registration process is free of charge. Several months ago, the government stopped allowing people to register for VLE, but now the CSC portal is once again accepting registrations for VLE. Applications are now being accepted for VLE. The CSC portal is where you can register if you want to become a VLE. Contact your digital manager if you would like more information in this regard.  

CSC Digital Seva Kendra's goal 

Many people in our nation still struggle to complete any kind of online work on their own today. Therefore, the government established CSC digital Seva Kendra in their honor. The Kendra people can pay small fees and get their work done through this digital Seva. Numerous government and non-government services are easily accessible and inexpensively provided by CSC Digital Seva Kendra. CSC Digital Seva Kendra contributes to the country's digital transformation as well. Using the official website, citizens can apply for a CSC Digital Seva Kendra and register as village entrepreneurs from the comfort of their homes.  

Through the CSC Digital Seva Kendra, what services are offered?

CSC digital Seva Kendra provides a wide range of governmental and non-governmental services. The list of a few services that CSC Digital Seva Kendra provides is provided below: 

1. Assurance services 

2. Passport

3. LIC

4. SBI

5. Services for pensions

6. Banking

7. Simple services


9. Development of abilities 

10. Election 

11. Payment of an electric bill

12. Ticket for a train 

13. Education

14. Medical services 

15. Fresh services

16. Certificate of caste 

17. Proof of residence 

18. PAN card

Registering a CSC Center

Launched as part of the Digital India initiative is the common service center scheme. With approval from the Central government, the CSC digital Seva Kendra was established to offer the populace digital amenities. A CSC center may be established in any town or city. Every state in India currently has a CSC digital seva kendra operating and offering services related to health, utility payments, education, agriculture, finance, etc. CSC Digital Seva Kendra registration is free of charge. 

Registration for a new CSC ID

Beneficiaries who want to sign up for CSC Digital Seva Kendra must meet certain educational requirements. A passing grade in the tenth grade is the required educational level. Any citizen of our nation may apply to open a common service center. The beneficiary will be given a CSC ID after the registration process has gone smoothly. The beneficiary is able to access the CSC portal by using this CSC ID. The citizens of the nation can make a decent living with the aid of this CSC digital Seva Kendra. 

Certificate Number for TEC

A telecentre entrepreneur course certificate is the full name of TEC. To open a CSC digital Seva Kendra, any citizen must first obtain a TEC certificate. You cannot submit an application to open a CSC digital Seva Kendra if you do not possess a TEC certificate. The Telecentre Entrepreneur Course (TEC) certificate can only be obtained after passing an online test that is required to receive it. The TEC certificate must be obtained in order for the interested applicant to open a CSC center. Online testing is available for the TEC exam. Visit its official website to submit an application if you're interested. The TEC certificate number will provide access to the CSC ID and password. After passing the online test, you must wait 3 to 4 days before receiving your TEC certificate. 

Digigaon SC Common Service Centre Yojana 

The central government's CSC digi gaon Yojana has published a list of CSC digital village VLEs on its official website. To establish a digital connection with every resident of a rural area, this program has been launched. In the early stages of the digital village campaign, six villages were chosen as pilots with the goal of offering all governance services in rural areas through CSC centers. Through this program, the government will give the villagers affordable access to healthcare, education, and skill-development opportunities. Under this program, 2.5 lakh gram panchayats will be served. 


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