December 26, 2022

Create an Estimate/Quotation on Swipe

Step 1: Go to Estimates > Select Create Estimate

Here you can search for existing customers or add a new customer to whom you want to send the estimate

Create estimate/quotation
quotation/estimate on swipe

Step 2: Enter Date

The date should be the day you are creating the estimate.

make estimates/quotation on swipe

Step 3: Add Reference

add reference on Swipe

Step 4: Add product/Search existing product

Under product name you can search for existing product or add a new product.

add new product
existing product

Step 5: Choose show/Hide Description

Show description can be used if you want to show/hide description of the products in the estimate.

show or hide product

Step 6: Click on add new item

To add a new item, click on Add item.

Fill in other details like quantity, unit price, price with tax and discount in both percentage and rupees.

add item
other details

Step 7: Create & Edit notes as well as terms conditions.

add terms and conditions

Step 8: Save the estimate for later or print it immediately.

You can either save the estimate to work on it later or save and print it immediately.

save and print


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