February 25, 2023

Copper Nails - GST Rates  HSN Code 7415

Are you a small or medium business owner in India who uses copper nails in your products? If you are, then understanding the GST rates and HSN code for copper nails is crucial for your business.

Copper nails are widely used in various industries, including construction, electrical, plumbing, and furniture. They are considered a vital component in the manufacturing of copper-based products. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about GST rates and HSN codes for copper nails.

What is HSN Code and Why it is Important?

HSN stands for ‘Harmonized System of Nomenclature.’ The HSN system is an international classification of products which provides a unique identification code for each product. The HSN code for copper nails is 7415.

HSN codes are used by businesses to identify the type of product they are dealing with. The HSN code helps to determine the GST rate applicable to the product. All businesses in India must have an HSN code for the products they sell, as it is mandatory for GST returns.

GST Rates for Copper Nails

The GST rates for copper nails are as follows:

  1. 18% GST for copper nails

This means that if you are a small or medium business owner in India and you manufacture or sell copper nails, you will need to charge your customers 18% GST on the value of the product.


In conclusion, it is essential for all small and medium business owners in India to understand the GST rates and HSN code for the products they sell. The HSN code for copper nails is 7415, and the applicable GST rate is 18%. By understanding these two essential elements, you can ensure that your business is fully compliant with Indian tax laws.


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