February 25, 2023

GST Rates and HSN Code for Coconuts in India

Coconut is one of the most widely used fruits in India for its culinary, medicinal, and industrial value. The coconut is not just a fruit, but every part of the coconut tree has significant uses. Therefore, it is important to know the GST rates and HSN codes applicable to coconuts and its products in India.

GST Rates for Coconuts

Coconuts are classified under HSN code 0801, which comes under the heading of Live Trees and Other Plants, Bulbs, Roots, and the like; Cut Flowers and Ornamental Foliage. The GST rate for coconuts is 0%.

However, if coconut is processed in any manner, the GST rate applicable will depend on the type of product obtained.

GST Rates and HSN Code for Coconut Products

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is obtained by pressing the kernel or meat of the coconut. It has a wide range of applications in cooking, cosmetics, and medicine. The GST rate for coconut oil is 5% under HSN code 1513.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is a clear liquid that is found inside immature coconuts. It is a popular refreshing drink and has several health benefits. The GST rate for coconut water is 0% under HSN code 2009.

Coconut Milk and Cream

Coconut milk and cream are obtained by extracting the liquid from grated coconut. They are widely used in cooking and baking. The GST rate for coconut milk and cream is 5% under HSN code 0401.

Coconut Shell and Shell Charcoal

Coconut shell and shell charcoal are obtained from the outer shell of the coconut. They have several industrial applications such as in the production of activated carbon, fuel, and handicrafts. The GST rate for coconut shell and shell charcoal is 5% under HSN code 4402.

Coconut Coir

Coconut coir is a natural fiber obtained from the husk of the coconut. It is widely used in agriculture, horticulture, and for making mats, ropes, and brushes. The GST rate for coconut coir is 5% under HSN code 5305.

Coconut Sugar and Jaggery

Coconut sugar and jaggery are natural sweeteners made from the sap of the coconut palm. They are healthier alternatives to refined sugar and have several health benefits. The GST rate for coconut sugar and jaggery is 5% under HSN code 1704.

Coconut Shell Products

Coconut shell products such as bowls, cups, and spoons are gaining popularity for their eco-friendliness and aesthetic appeal. The GST rate for coconut shell products is 12% under HSN code 4421.


Coconuts and its products have significant value in India for its various uses. The GST rates and HSN codes for coconuts and its products are important to know for businesses involved in the production, processing, and sale of these products. It is essential to stay updated with the latest changes in GST rates and HSN codes, to avoid any penalties and ensure compliance with the law.


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