March 21, 2023

Bhamashah Yojana

The Bhamashah Yojana is a flagship program of the government of Rajasthan, India, aimed at empowering women and promoting financial inclusion. The scheme is named after the legendary queen of Mewar, Rani Bhamashah, who was known for her wisdom and compassion.

The main objective of the Bhamashah Yojana is to provide women with a direct financial link and encourage them to play a more active role in the financial and economic decisions of their families. Under the scheme, a woman from each household is enrolled as the head of the family and given a Bhamashah card, which serves as a means of identification and a platform for accessing various government benefits and services.

The Bhamashah card is linked to the woman's bank account and provides her with a secure and convenient way to access various government benefits and services, including financial assistance for education, health, and housing. The card also provides her with access to various financial services, such as microfinance and insurance, enabling her to become more financially independent and secure.

In addition to the Bhamashah card, the scheme also provides women with training and support to become financially literate and aware of the various financial products and services available to them. The scheme also provides a platform for women to form self-help groups and to participate in community-based microfinance programs.

One of the key features of the Bhamashah Yojana is its focus on financial inclusion and the use of technology to deliver services. The scheme uses a robust information technology system to ensure the timely and accurate delivery of benefits to the intended beneficiaries. The system also provides real-time monitoring and tracking of the disbursement of benefits, reducing the risk of corruption and ensuring that the benefits reach the intended beneficiaries.


In conclusion, the Bhamashah Yojana is a transformative initiative that is empowering women and promoting financial inclusion in Rajasthan. By providing women with a direct financial link and access to various financial services, the scheme is helping to improve the economic status of women and their families and contributing to the overall economic development of the state.


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