January 13, 2023
Shreeja Ray

Beginner’s Guide to the Best SEO Practices

The main goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to make your website more visible in major search engines' organic search results.

You must comprehend three essential elements in order to get that visibility:

1. What kinds of content your customers and users of search engines need or want.

2. How search engine results pages are generated, how content is found, indexed, and served.

3. How to effectively advertise and optimize your website to give search engines more information about it.

Even though technology and search engines are always changing, some fundamental SEO principles haven't altered since the beginning.

Why is SEO crucial?

You can draw clients by ranking for the terms that people are probably searching for when they need what you provide. However, as others are also attempting to rank, you are unlikely to achieve so without effort. That is why SEO is important. It helps Google see that you are the most deserving of ranking.

What advantages can SEO Practices offer?

The majority of searchers choose one of the first few results, therefore higher ranks typically generate more traffic. Search traffic, in contrast to other channels, is frequently reliable and inactive. This is due to the fact that the quantity of searches is typically quite stable from month to month.

Keyword Research

1. Discover your website's main keywords

Primary keywords, sometimes known as "money" keywords, are words that clients use to find exactly what you sell online.

For instance, a company that develops SEO software would use the following major keywords:

SEO tools and software

Rank monitoring

2. Discover keyword variations and long-tail keywords

You might be good to go with the list of primary keywords you just come up with. But it's also important to create long-tail visions for those phrases.

Long-tail keywords are more complex search queries that often have lower search volumes but more specific intent.

Various keyword density checkers are also available online such as 

Quality of content

Better quality of Content

1. Cover the subject in greater detail than your rivals (you can literally look at the top-ranking pages and try to figure out what can be done better)

2. Give more recent statistics and information

3. More knowledge (including viewpoints from authorities in your field) and credibility (cite trusted sources)

4. Be original, use rare facts, offer fresh perspectives, and do experiments.

5. Link to more high-quality sources that are pertinent

Improved design

1. Use a distinctive layout for your material that is most crucial.

2. Include eye-catching media (illustrations, infographics, charts, gifs, screenshots, videos)

3. Use original artwork rather than stock photography.

Improved UX

1. Verify the text's legibility (font size, type, etc.) and accuracy (grammar).

2. Avoid long blocks of material and instead use concise, readable paragraphs.

3. For lengthier pages, utilize navigational features (such as a table of contents).

Internal linking

Internal linking is a significant underused SEO technique.

External backlinks are critical for SEO, but having a good internal link structure is just as crucial.

This is why:

  • Your website's crawlability is improved via internal links:

The crawlers of search engines will have an easier time finding and indexing all of your pages if your pages are well interlinked.

  • Internal links raise engagement and user experience: 

Your visitors will have an easier time finding what they need if your navigation is obvious. If you include pertinent contextual links, visitors will spend more time reading your material rather than browsing to another website to look for the answers.

  • Your rankings may be enhanced by internal links:

Internal links do really pass link equity. Google will comprehend the linked page better, regard it as essential inside your page structure, and give it greater priority if a page has numerous pertinent internal links with elaborative anchor texts.


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