May 10, 2023
Pranjal Gupta

B2B, B2C Small and Large Invoices in GST?

The information that must be included in the return will differ according to the type of invoice, even though all invoices must be filed into the GSTR-1 Return. The many (frequently used) GST invoice types are described below, along with the information that must be included in the GSTR-1 for each type of invoice.

1. B2B Invoices

B2B stands for business-to-business exchange.

The customer in a B2B transaction is likewise a registered person and qualifies for ITC.

In the GSTR-1 Return, invoice-by-invoice information for both intra-state and inter-state supplies should be uploaded for B2B purchases.

It should be noted that GSTR 1 does not necessitate the upload of scanned copies of invoices. Only a limited set of required data must be supplied, including the customer's GSTIN, the invoice number, the date of the invoice, the taxable value, the tax rate, the tax amount, and the invoice value.

2. B2C Small Invoices

Business to consumer transactions are known as B2CS.

The consumer in B2CS transactions is an unregistered person and is not qualified to receive ITC.

Consolidated information on intrastate sales for each tax rate and interstate sales with invoice values up to Rs. 2,50,000 for each tax rate must be uploaded in the GSTR-1 Return for B2CS transactions.

Note: GSTR 1 should have a State Wise Summary for each rate of tax. State, Taxable Value, Tax Rate, and Tax Amount are among the information that must be disclosed.

3. B2C Large Invoices

B2CL refers to a business-to-consumer transaction if the parties are from different states, the invoice value exceeds $250,000, and the customer is not registered and ineligible to receive ITC.

For B2CL transactions, GSTR-1 must be updated with invoice-by-invoice information for interstate supplies with an invoice value greater than Rs. 2,50,000. Return 

Note: Scanned invoice copies are not necessary to upload in GSTR 1. Place of Supply, Invoice No., Invoice Date, Taxable Value, Rate of Tax, Amount of Tax, and Invoice Value to be Declared are the only required pieces of information to be provided.


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