March 21, 2023

All About Invoicing and Billing

Invoicing and billing are crucial activities for businesses that sell products or services. These processes involve creating and sending invoices to customers, and collecting payment for the goods or services provided. Here is a comprehensive overview of invoicing and billing:

What is an Invoice?

An invoice is a document that a seller sends to a buyer, requesting payment for goods or services that have been provided. It acts as a record of the transaction between the buyer and the seller, and is an important tool for managing cash flow and tracking payment.

An invoice typically includes the following information:

1. The name and contact information of the seller and the buyer

2. A unique invoice number for reference and tracking

3. A detailed description of the goods or services provided

4. The quantities and prices of the goods or services provided

5. The total amount due, including any taxes or additional charges

6. Filing of GSTR-1 before GSTR-3B


Seizure, Detention & Confiscation- For Goods in Transit