January 30, 2023
Shreeja Ray

All about Account Payable Automation (APA)

The principle of Accounts Payable Automation (APA), an e-Transformation solution, allows for the automatic transfer and processing of incoming invoice records into SAP systems without the need for transaction-by-transaction manual entry. However, it also has a design that enables manual intervention and control. The relevant departments receive improvements from this automation in terms of workload and mistake rate, and this improvement directly affects process effectiveness.

Workflow for Accounts Payable Automation

Accounts payable automation provides a computerized workflow to manage processes that were previously handled by an AP staff member, allowing businesses to process supplier bills without human interaction.

1. Capturing Invoice Data:Holistic accounts payable automation begins with digitally recording invoice data, typically using scanning or capture techniques like optical character recognition (OCR).

2. Digital Workflow: Based on specific logic specified in the company's accounts payable automation software, accounts payable automation will then handle the coding and routing of the invoice through the digital workflow.

3. Insight & Reporting: By providing management and AP personnel with previously unheard-of visibility and reporting capabilities into the flow of invoices and transactions across the firm, accounts payable automation greatly lowered the risk of fraud.

4. Cost Reductions: In addition to the anticipated cost savings from removing human operations, accounts payable automation can offer the firm significant cost savings. Businesses can take advantage of early payment reductions, optimize their vendor portfolio, and prevent repeated or incorrect payments.

Benefits of AP Automation

The entire firm benefits from AP automation, not just the finance department:

1. There is no requirement to save paper invoices or shipping cost receipts.

2. Reduced manual efforts because fewer workers are required to spend time looking into invoice issues and dealing with vendor concerns

3. Auditing invoices and ensuring compliance are easier to handle

4. Features for security and accountability built in can alert users to unusual activities, which can help identify invoice fraud.

5. Keeping your reputation in good standing and paying vendors on time will benefit you in future talks with them.

6. Instead of spending their time on manual invoice data entry, staff can be reassigned to other valuable duties like evaluating invoice payment data.

FAQs on AP Automation

How can the process of approving invoices get better with AP automation?

The approval of invoices is a speedier and more effective procedure thanks to AP automation. It streamlines the procedure and dispenses with pointless human interaction by identifying the appropriate approvers and automatically issuing notifications and reminders. Additionally, it indicates that all pertinent team members have access to crucial papers that are kept in a single location.

What problems with communicating about invoices can AP automation fix?

By generating an accurate, real-time record of all comments, queries, and inputs pertaining to a particular invoice or client, AP automation can assist in resolving communication problems about invoices. This also implies that all parties with permission may access and search documents and communication logs.

Can automation of AP lead to better document management?

Yes. All invoices and other associated papers are automatically stored electronically thanks to AP automation. Employees may easily access invoices and other transaction-related documents whenever they want, from anywhere, thanks to online archiving.

How can AP automation avoid double-billing?

All invoices are initially checked by validation checks included into the solution, which identify any duplicate invoices. Instead of trying to collect the money after the fact, duplicate payments are prevented from being made in the first place.

Can AP automation software aid in preventing fraudulent invoices?

Your financial processes can be given access to sophisticated controls provided by AP automation to thwart fraud and improve security. For instance, new approver requirements as well as approval limitations might be added to the accounts of certain or all users throughout the invoice approval process. The reporting capabilities made available by AP automation also improve transparency and visibility, making it easier to spot any suspicious, erroneous, or unexpected activity.

Will my AP automation solution communicate with my suppliers?

Your suppliers can connect with the AP automation system in a variety of ways, such as by utilizing the supplier portal to submit invoices and monitor the progress of transactions in real-time, greatly decreasing the volume of supplier questions that need to be answered by your AP department



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