April 5, 2023

TRAI’s New Order! 10 digit mobile numbers may be closed in next 5 days

Within the upcoming 5 days, mobile numbers consisting of 10 digits which are utilized for making promotional calls and sending messages will be discontinued.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has released guidelines stating that your 10-digit mobile number may be blocked by them. TRAI has introduced a new rule which allows them to block unregistered mobile numbers, preventing users from making calls or sending messages. According to recent reports, TRAI is cracking down on 10-digit mobile numbers that are being used for business-related promotional calls and messages. TRAI regulations state that separate numbers are designated for promotional purposes, and if you use your personal number for such activities, your number may be blocked.

TRAI's new order on mobile numbers

This is the rule for calling

TRAI has separate rules for normal calling and promotional calling. It issues different numbers for promotional calling, which have more digits and can be easily identified by the user. The user can then decide whether to accept the call or not.

Number will be closed in 5 days if caught

Despite the availability of separate numbers for promotional calls, it is observed that people tend to make such calls from their regular numbers when they fail to reach the target audience. To curb such malpractices, TRAI has held discussions with telecom service providers to take necessary actions. It has been established that if a user is caught making promotional calls from a regular number, their number may be blocked within 5 days in accordance with TRAI regulations.


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